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farm facts 2018

Our 9th edition, a handy pocket reference for farmers, solicitors, accountants, farm agents and all types of agricultural adviser. "Its amazing what you have packed into such a useful guide." "I found it very useful." "We find them very helpful to have on our desks!" "having a copy of your useful Farm Facts in my briefcase is very helpful"
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BPS entitlements

Basic Payment Entitlements can be sold, leased or transferred through inheritance and can be sold or leased either with or without land. Sales without land are the easiest to deal with and are the most popular method of trading. VAT is payable on Entitlements traded (sold or leased) without land, unless the seller is non-VAT registered. Unless otherwise stated all entitlements are offered for sale without land…
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Western Morning News – 17.01.2018 – Telecoms – New Digital Economy Act

The Digital Economy Act came into force from the 28th December 2017 and although the Act deals with a wide and varying number of differing matters, the main point of interest to most landowners and land agents is its effect on new telecom mast leases. Existing telecommunication agreements are not affected by the amendments, however…

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