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farm facts 2018

Our 9th edition, a handy pocket reference for farmers, solicitors, accountants, farm agents and all types of agricultural adviser. "Its amazing what you have packed into such a useful guide." "I found it very useful." "We find them very helpful to have on our desks!" "having a copy of your useful Farm Facts in my briefcase is very helpful"
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BPS entitlements

The RPA has confirmed (on 20.2.2018) that England has now dropped the Active Farmer rule for BPS this year. This removes a claimant’s need for the readmission routes or having to provide evidence (e.g. accountant’s certificate) of being an ‘Active Farmer’. It also means that certain claimants that were previously excluded (airports, railway services, waterworks, real estate services, permanent sports and recreation grounds and other owner/users of…
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Western Morning News – 25.04.18 – 2018 RPA Online – New Entitlement Transfer Status Complication

The RPA online computer system is transferring entitlements without knowing if they can be used in 2018. The system has to cope with huge amounts of data, and has built within it rules which enable it to process certain transactions automatically, easing up on staff workloads and enabling most transactions to happen (in theory!) quickly…

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