BPS entitlements wanted 2017




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This is a selection of the entitlements wanted, please contact us for the most up-to-date information:

Total ha Transfer type Expected 2017 payment(£/ha)* Entitlement type Status Region  Deadline
2 Sale 217 Non-SDA  £OFFERS  English  15th May
6 Sale 217 Non-SDA  £OFFERS  English  15th May
7.68 Sale 217 Non-SDA  £OFFERS  English  15th May
10 Sale 217 Non-SDA  £OFFERS  English  15th May
11 Sale 217 Non-SDA  £OFFERS  English  15th May
15 Sale 217 Non-SDA  £OFFERS  English  15th May
20 Sale 217 Non-SDA  £OFFERS  English  15th May
23 Sale 217 Non-SDA  £OFFERS  English  15th May
29 Sale 217 Non-SDA  £OFFERS  English  15th May
35 Sale 217 Non-SDA  £OFFERS  English  15th May
39 Sale 217 Non-SDA  £OFFERS  English  15th May
40 Sale 217 Non-SDA  £OFFERS  English  15th May
45 Sale 217 Non-SDA  £OFFERS  English  15th May
50 Sale 217 Non-SDA  £OFFERS  English  15th May
70 Sale 217 Non-SDA  £OFFERS  English  15th May
80 Sale 217 Non-SDA  £OFFERS  English  15th May
90 Sale 217 Non-SDA  £OFFERS  English  15th May
100 Sale 217 Non-SDA  £OFFERS  English  15th May
161 Sale 217 Non-SDA  £OFFERS  English  15th May
192 Sale 217 Non-SDA  £OFFERS  English  15th May
200 Sale 217 Non-SDA  £OFFERS  English  15th May
250 Sale 217 Non-SDA  £OFFERS  English  15th May
424 Sale 217 Non-SDA  £OFFERS  English  15th May
566 Sale 217 Non-SDA  £OFFERS  English  15th May
3.79 Sale 216  SDA  £OFFERS  English  15th May
5.11 Sale 216  SDA  £OFFERS  English  15th May
14 Sale 216  SDA  £200  English  15th May
15 Sale 216  SDA  £OFFERS  English  15th May
16 Sale 216  SDA  £OFFERS  English  15th May
2 Sale 216  SDA  £OFFERS  English  15th May
223 Sale 57 Moorland  £OFFERS  English  15th May
100 Sale 57 Moorland  £OFFERS  English  15th May
20 Sale 57 Moorland  £OFFERS  English  15th May
50 Sale Historic Region 1  £OFFERS  Scottish  3rd April
8 Sale Historic  Welsh  £OFFERS  Welsh  2nd May
40 Sale Historic  Welsh  £OFFERS  Welsh  2nd May
50 Sale Historic  Welsh  £OFFERS  Welsh  2nd May
50+ Sale Historic  Welsh  £OFFERS  Welsh  2nd May
116 Sale Historic  Welsh  £OFFERS  Welsh  2nd May
21 Sale Historic  Irish  £OFFERS  Irish  2nd May
141 Leasing 217  Non-SDA  £OFFERS  English  15th May
70 Leasing 217  Non-SDA  £OFFERS  English  15th May
150 Leasing 217  Non-SDA  £OFFERS  English  15th May
70 Leasing 217  Non-SDA  £OFFERS  English  15th May
50 Naked Acre letting 217  Non-SDA  £OFFERS  English  15th May
84 Naked Acre letting 217  Non-SDA  £OFFERS  English  15th May
85.2 Hosting 217  Non-SDA  £OFFERS  English  15th May

* Based on exchange rate €1=£0.87 as at 21st March 2017


Basic Payment Entitlements can be sold, leased or transferred through inheritance and can be sold or leased either with or without land. Sales without land are the easiest to deal with and are the most popular method of trading. VAT is payable on Entitlements traded (sold or leased) without land, unless the seller is non-VAT registered. Unless otherwise stated all the above entitlements are offered for sale without land and VAT will be due on the price agreed. The entitlements listed above are offered subject to contract. Please note we also only act on a subject to contract basis, or subject to the submission of RLE1 forms or actioning an online transfer, when buying or leasing Entitlements or leasing for ‘Naked Acres’ for our clients. We do not enter into oral contracts on behalf of any of our clients. Entitlements and Naked Acres listed may include lots offered by other agents where prices quoted would include an introductory commission payable to Townsend Chartered Surveyors.

From 2015 the usage rule changed and now at least once every two years farmers must now use all their entitlements in a single application, otherwise the unused entitlements will be lost to the National Reserve. From 2015, in England and Wales the minimum claim size increased from one hectare to five hectares. Entitlement transferees are subject to an Active Farmer Test, as are claimants. Therefore transferees and claimants should ensure they are eligible to transfer/claim before arranging entitlement transfers or leasing of entitlements. You do not need to be an active farmer to transfer out or lease out entitlements.

Unless specifically instructed in writing we are unable to provide advice in respect to the Basic Payment Scheme or any other schemes under the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union, especially how they may affect a particular vendor’s or purchaser’s eligibility for the Basic Payment Scheme. Any such comments or statements made by Townsend Chartered Surveyors verbally during the process of buying, selling or leasing entitlements, or leasing for naked acres or otherwise cannot be relied upon unless such advice is provided in writing following receipt of written instructions for Townsend Chartered Surveyors to provide such advice. Any such oral comments or statements do not form part of entitlement or naked acre agency contracts.