With the Basic Payment Scheme having come into effect on the 1st January 2015, it is now vital that all aspects that will affect farming businesses are fully understood.  We are offering a number of professional advice services designed to help plan and prepare for these changes.

Free CAP consultation and help with registering online

From 2015 all BPS applications must be completed online, please call for free help or to book an appointment.

BPS Start-up Package

To fully prepare you for the new scheme, our “BPS Start-up Package” is available to brief you as much or as little as required on the following aspects:

  • Online registration
  • RLR mapping check
  • Crop Diversification
  • EFAs
  • Exemptions/eligibility
  • GAEC & SMR updates
  • Multi-farm – single business checks (IACS 26/27)

Pre-BPS Farm Business Appraisal

Where does your current business place you under the BPS? – should you be changing the structure, or reorganising? Do you comply with Greening?

If you have received an IACS 26/27 which you have not yet returned, and you would like advice, please contact us.  It is vital that this is considered before 2015.

Do the RPA consider your two businesses as one? This has implications for:

  • BPS claims
  • Tax income/CGT/Inheritance Tax
  • Cattle movements
  • Grants – capital grants per farm (e.g. Catchment Sensitive Farming)
  • Crop diversification options
  • Risk management – exposure to lesser SPS penalties
  • EFA compliance

Additional information:

  • RPA Basic Payment Scheme handbook 2015 (published 24 February 2015) is available here
  • DEFRA Guide to cross compliance in England (published December 2014) is available here
  • DEFRA CAP reform guidance (published December 2014) is available here
  • DEFRA CAP reform guidance (published October 2014) is available here
  • DEFRA CAP reform guidance (published August 2014) is available here
  • Greening information (published June 2014) is available here