UK Environmental Credits Available 2022

Below is a selection of vendors looking to sell credits for 2022, however please contact us for the most up-to-date information: 

Total   Credit  Type   Area   Ref  Status 
3,200  PIU  Woodland  Carbon    £OFFERS 
300,000  PIU  Woodland  Carbon    £OFFERS 
13,000  PIU  Woodland  Carbon    £OFFERS 
8,500  PIU  Woodland  Carbon    £OFFERS 
35,000  PIU  Woodland  Carbon    £OFFERS 
22,000  PIU  Woodland  Carbon    £OFFERS 
50,000  PIU  Woodland  Carbon    £OFFERS 
10,000  PIU  Woodland  Carbon    £OFFERS 
OFFERS  SCU  Soil  Carbon    £OFFERS 
8,700  PCU  Peatland  Carbon    £OFFERS 
Variable  BU  Biodiversity  Biodiversity Net Gain    £OFFERS 
OFFERS  N/A  Nitrate Offsets  Nitrate    £OFFERS 


PIU  Pending Issuance Unit 
WCU  Woodland Carbon Unit 
SCU  Soil Carbon Unit 
PCU  Peatland Carbon Unit 
BU  Biodiversity Unit 


If you are thinking of selling Pending Issuance Units or Carbon Units, whether under the Woodland Carbon code, Peatland Code, upcoming Soil Carbon code or even through a private sector measurement system, we advise you to first consider the likely future requirement for your business to become carbon neutral. You may in future require carbon offsets for your own use, and may make a net loss if you sell the carbon sequestered on your own holding only to buy further offsets from elsewhere.


Hugh Townsend

Hugh Townsend

01392 823935

Alasdair Squires

Alasdair Squires

01392 823935