deer management

Deer are a natural asset and their management will have an effect on the surrounding natural landscape and its ecosystems.

To maintain a healthy deer population and to protect their natural environment and your woodland and land assets, culling must be carried out accordingly. Although a deer population in the UK will double every three to five years (depending on species and habitat), if you intend to manage for sporting purposes (stalking) you must ensure that there are sufficient animals to maintain the population.

For smallholdings, those with forestry interests or land involved in environmental stewardship and woodland creation schemes, it may be detrimental to hold a deer population. In such cases the aims of a deer management plan are vastly different to those already mentioned, because of the need to protect crops and plantations. Here deer can be viewed as a problem and a strict deer management plan can be seen as more beneficial economically than the costs involved in deer fencing.

Whatever your situation is in respect to deer we are available to offer experienced advice in drawing up a management plan that will take your individual interests into account.

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Hugh Townsend

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