Non-SDA VAT registered sales >10 hectares

Non-SDA VAT registered sales – all lot sizes

Non-SDA Non-VAT registered sales – all lot sizes

SDA VAT registered sales – all lot sizes

Moorland VAT registered sales – all lot sizes

For up to the minute prices contact Hugh Townsend for Non-SDA and Jake Loftus for SDA and Moorland – telephone 01392 823935.



The deadline has now passed for Scottish entitlement transfers, marking the end of the busiest trading season since the start of the current scheme in 2015. As of the 3rd of April deadline, the average multiplier for Region 1 entitlements was 1.37 times face value, and Region 2 was 1.29 times face value. Region 3 remained quiet throughout this trading season at a multiplier of 1.2 times face value.


The Welsh market has seen a dip in prices since our last update, with deals being done at between 0.6 and 1 times face value. The deadline for Welsh trading is the 30th April.

Northern Ireland

Northern Irish trading remains steady, with entitlements changing hands at between 1.2 and 1.5 times face value. With the 2nd May trading deadline fast approaching prices are expected to become more volatile.