Basic Payment Scheme

We have over twenty five years’ experience of advising on farming subsidies including IACS, beef, sheep, milk quotas and entitlements, both from a management perspective and as a national agency trading in farm quotas. As a result we have a comprehensive, in-depth and detailed understanding of the Basic Payment Scheme, which has evolved from these schemes, and is why we are considered to be a leading authority on current and future schemes.

Information on the Basic Payment Scheme is available here.

We offer advice on all areas of the BPS including:

  • completion of online BPS claims in England and Single Application Forms for Wales & Scotland – here
  • greening compliance (EFAs & Crop Diversification) – here
  • errors and penalties – here
  • land eligibility
  • boundary and mapping changes
  • land registration with the RPA
  • business registration with the RPA
  • acquiring BPS entitlements (leasing or buying) – here
  • selling BPS entitlements – here
  • RPA inspections
  • cross-compliance (GAEC & SMRs) issues including NVZ regulations
  • “land at your disposal” issues
  • interaction with stewardship schemes – here
  • RPA dispute resolution and dual use issues – here
  • multi-farm – single business checks (IACS 26/27)
  • commons entitlements – claiming back-dated payments and extra entitlements where eligible – here
  • applications for the New and Young Farmer Payment and for entitlements from the National Reserve – here
  • the Environmental Land Management Schemes (ELMS) and Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI)- here
Hugh Townsend

Hugh Townsend

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