Appeals, Objections & Enforcement Notice Defence

Often rural planning applications are turned down as a matter of course by the LPAs, and we have an excellent track record in submitting successful appeals by addressing the reasons for refusal in a methodical and informed manner.

We have established good relationships with South West LPA Planning Officers and are able to liaise with them to discuss proposed amendments and assess the chances of success.

We are also experienced in taking appeals to the Planning Inspectorate and beyond, and can attend hearings as a representative and/or an Expert Witness on behalf of our client, including preparing and distributing all the necessary documentation in accordance with the Town & Country Planning Act 1990 to the various parties involved.

In some cases rural businesses have made changes to their working practices without fully realising the planning consents required to operate legally, and we are experienced in handling appeals against Enforcement Notices, including preparing full Agricultural Need Assessments or Business Need Assessments to support the appeal.

Hugh Townsend

Hugh Townsend

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