Estate Management

Townsend Chartered Surveyors have over twenty five years of experience in assisting landowners and tenants throughout the UK. As a strong and reliable professional team providing up-to-date and focused advice we can make all the difference in successfully managing your farm or estate.

Estate and Land Management

Townsend Chartered Surveyors manage land and estates throughout the country, acting for both private landowners and trustees of landed estates, and also a combination of traditional and new institutional owners. We have the experience to assist you managing your estate or land to meet your goals.

Farm Management

We offer a range of farm management advice to assist farmers and landowners in all aspects of their business from meeting all the statutory legal requirements for proper record keeping, to maximising the income potential of their agricultural business through diversification and grants.

Forestry and Woodland

We can provide advice on all aspects of forestry, including management advice to unlock the potential income to be gained from woodland, pest and disease advice and management, sporting advice, and grant funding applications. We can also provide valuations and advice on tax benefits of maintaining woodland on your property.