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farm facts 2020

Our 11th edition, a handy pocket reference for farmers, solicitors, accountants, farm agents and all types of agricultural adviser. "Its amazing what you have packed into such a useful guide." "I found it very useful." "We find them very helpful to have on our desks!" "having a copy of your useful Farm Facts in my briefcase is very helpful" Contact us now to ensure you receive your…
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2020 UK BPS Entitlements

The entitlement market in all areas is starting to warm up as we move towards 2020. Deadlines: England 15th May; Scotland 2nd April; Wales 30th April; N Ireland 2nd May
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11.12.2019 – Western Morning News – Manage hedgerows to unlock support payments

Hedges have received legal protection in some form since the Enclosure Acts dating back to the early 17th century. Since then, rules surrounding hedges have gathered increasing complexity. With the current political focus on environmental concerns – especially discussion surrounding “natural capital” – this trend appears likely to continue, and hedgerows properly managed may be…

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