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Carbon capture and trading

Our forestry team can provide “a one-stop shop” for everything you need from choosing a site, designing the planting, handling grants and verification processes to selling the carbon credits.
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Water abstraction licence trading

If you need or are thinking of selling a water abstraction licence, our water team with its ex-EA experience, works UK wide trading licences and providing advice.
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8.9.2021 – Western Morning News – Huge potential for soil carbon trading

The introduction of the Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMs) and its ‘public money for public goods’ mantra, will reward land managers for taking environmentally beneficial actions including sequestering carbon through soil management. This creates an opportunity for the sequestered carbon to be sold on the open market. At present the soil carbon market is not fully developed with a lack of standardisation in the measure-ment of volumes and permanence of carbon sequestered. It can…

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