forestry & woodland

Forests are a unique commodity with the potential to produce a wide variety of benefits for their owners and users. Carefully considered woodland management can maximise the potential of woodland interests.

There are a number of considerations to bear in mind when carrying out any operation on woodland and we can help answer any specific queries you may have as well as provide you with advice for short, medium and long term management plans. We can help you in the following areas:

  • taxation & Inheritance Tax relief
  • valuations
  • grant eligibility
  • planting and establishment
  • woodland maintenance
  • woodland management plans
  • development potential
  • policy guidance
  • alternative land uses within forests
  • forest certification/ woodland certification
  • sporting rights
  • health & safety issues
  • biofuels and wood fuel heating installations
  • conservation and amenity
  • Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs)
  • deer management plans