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Townsend Chartered Surveyors has been trading in farm commodities for 30 years since 1992, and is the UK’s leading rural commodity broker. With a wealth of knowledge TCS brokerage can ensure you achieve the best from your sale or purchase of over 15 different rural commodities.

Entitlements – Sale, Lease & Naked Acre Letting

As leading national entitlement agents, we can advise on the purchase, sale and lease of all UK entitlements and deal with the RPA, WAG, Scottish Government RPA and Northern Ireland Executive on your behalf. We update our availability lists regularly and can advise on value and other issues that may affect a sale, lease or purchase.

We can also provide advice on naked acre letting, and have regularly updated lists of naked acres available for all UK regions.

English BPS Entitlements – User Guide

The Guide provides historical insight into agricultural subsidies in the UK which date back to 1932, and how they have evolved into the entitlement system we know today. Following the 2016 UK Referendum it has never been so important to fully understand how the EU Basic Payment Scheme entitlement system works, why it is in place, and how it will influence any new UK subsidy system.

Carbon Credits & Trading

Townsend Chartered Surveyors are watching this emergent market carefully and will be ideally placed to act on behalf of farmers to help them make the most of any opportunities. We can design woodland creation and peatland restoration projects for the generation of carbon credits, and can also undertake farm carbon surveys to prepare for the Soil Carbon Code once this emerges.

Water Abstraction Licence Trading

Townsend Chartered Surveyors can advise on the current legislation governing the trade in water abstraction licences, and value and market these on your behalf.

Milk Quota

Townsend Chartered Surveyors were market leaders in milk quota trading until milk quota’s abolition in March 2015. Due to our long history of milk quota trading we have extensive experience and knowledge of the milk quota market going back to 1985, with detailed records of quota sales going back to 1992. As such we are able to offer a comprehensive and accurate service valuing quota for Inheritance or Capital Gains Tax purposes, partnership/matrimonial splits or landlord/tenant compensation calculations etc.

Biodiversity Net Gain and Nitrate Offsets

The Environment Act introduces a requirement for planning applications to meet a “biodiversity gain objective”. One way to do this will be to purchase “Biodiversity Units” from a farmer or landowner, who will perform works on their holding to let the development meet its requirement to provide a 10% overall improvement to biodiversity. Farmers with Biodiversity Units to sell, ie who have parts of their holding they can alter for this purpose, should contact us.

A Nitrate Offset pilot scheme was announced on the 11th September. This will create an online auction service for landowners to market potential environmental improvements to nitrate buffer sites on the Solent, in Hampshire to developers. The scheme seeks to allow development in the area without further harming water quality.

Please register your interest with us now to take advantage of these schemes as they continue to develop.



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