water abstraction licences

Water abstraction licences can be transferred either permanently or temporarily.

All trades must be approved by the Environment Agency and whether or not this approval is given will depend on the water resource availability where the purchaser and vendor are located. Trading will only be allowed where there is a surface water link (e.g. the same river) or a ground water link (e.g. the same aquifer) between the vendor’s abstraction point and the purchaser’s proposed abstraction point. The Environment Agency will also assess the water availability within the catchment, and the environmental impact of an abstraction before coming to their decision.

For a trade to take place the vendor must either apply to reduce the volumes on their licence or revoke their licence completely. The purchaser must make an application for a new licence or to vary the existing licence.

If you are interested in either selling or buying water abstraction licences Townsend Chartered Surveyors can assist in sourcing appropriate vendors or purchasers, and negotiating the terms of the transfer. We will then deal with the Environment Agency on your behalf, submit the application, and act as your agent to ensure the process runs smoothly.

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Hugh Townsend

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