Hugh Townsend has for 25 years been the country's "go-to" commentator on farm quotas and rural surveying issues affecting farmers. Having become the country's leading and most innovative quota agent he was broadcast to 3.8 million listeners on Radio 4's PM programme interviewed by Eddie Mayer on the 1st April 2015 – the Dawning of Europe without Milk Quotas, click here.  More recently BBC1 interviewed Hugh Townsend on the future of farming following the Referendum, click here.

Hugh Townsend has over the years developed the most creative arrangements to promote an efficient market in farm quotas, in the early eighties developing leasing milk quota without land before the Milk Marketing Board introduced leasing for a part of the milk year. 

He represented clients in leading legal cases defending transfers of milk quota and developed the new system of second TQ1 forms protecting the transfer of quotas with land. 

In 1991, with Farmers Weekly he produced the first sale price index countrywide and started to publish farm quota sales and leasing graphs which are still published by Farmers Weekly and other publications and can be seen on our Milk Quota & Entitlements pages. 

On BBC television he has defended dairy farmers who have been taken advantage of by unscrupulous inpiduals in the farm quota market and was again on television to comment on the "footballers buy milk quota" rumpus. 

He regularly writes for Farmers Guardian and the South West's Western Morning News and our experienced team is sought after for their comments on farm quotas.

Western Morning News – 24.10.18 – Environmental Land Management Schemes

Environmental Land Management Schemes (ELMS) Background The new Agriculture Bill passed its second reading in Parliament on the 10th October 2018 and is now going before a Public Bill Committee on 23.10.18 before moving on to the Report Stage and a final reading in the Commons, before it then goes before the House of Lords…

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01.11.2018 – Autumn 2018 Newsletter

You may download/view our latest newsletter here.

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19.09.18 – Entitlement Market Update

The 2018 market kicked off on the 16th September last year at £150 for English Non-SDA. We are expecting the 2019 trade to start any day at the same level, having had offers in at £140 prior to the publication of the Agriculture Bill. Whilst confirming that BPS may come to an end by 2027, confidence…

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The Agriculture Bill 2018

For the first time in 45 years a UK government presented its own agricultural legislation to Parliament on the 12th September for its first reading. The Agriculture Bill 2018 is the biggest overhaul of farm policy since the end of the Second World War, and the first time in centuries that a legislative framework is…

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The UK Government’s “Agriculture Bill to deliver a Green Brexit” is to be introduced to Parliament today (12th September). The House of Commons has released a 91 page briefing paper summarising the consultations that have taken place, and setting out how it envisages farmers and land managers in England (and to some extent Scotland, Wales…

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Western Morning News – 22.08.18 – Countryside Stewardship applications – final checks

The deadline to submit a Mid Tier / Wildlife Offer Countryside Stewardship application is only 7 working days away.  With this in mind there are a number of matters that all applicants should consider before posting their application to Natural England. Reading the Guidance It is important when submitting a CS application that one has…

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Western Morning News – 01.08.18 – Profitable reasons to get your Countryside Stewardship application in

The Countryside Stewardship (CSS) application period is upon us, and with the deadline having been extended from the 31st July to the 31st August, applicants now have more time to consider which agreement to apply for, and options to select. One of the main factors behind applicants undertaking a CSS application, besides the environmental benefits…

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Western Morning News – 27.06.18 – Countryside Stewardship – Hot Tips

The 31st July 2018 deadline (NB. Deadline now amended to 31st August 2018) for submitting applications is fast approaching, and Countryside Stewardship Mid Tier packs and Wildlife Offer packs are arriving by email and post. A few tips which applicants should watch out for. 6th July Deadline for Hedgerow RLE1s Most applicants will need to…

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Farmers Weekly – 09.07.18 – Why careful investigation is vital before taking on a farm tenancy

Tenants taking on long-term farming tenancies need to take the same detailed and wide-ranging approach one does when buying a farm. A case in which tenant farmers were awarded £1.75m should serve as a warning to both tenants and landlords more widely, writes Hugh Townsend, senior partner of Exeter-based Townsend Chartered Surveyors. Find out what happened in…

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