The online arable agreement will have eleven arable options to choose from, and applicants must pick at least one option from three different categories, and a minimum of 3% of the farmed land under the applicant’s management must be placed within the scheme. There is no maximum number of options that can be used, and the agreements last for five years.

Category 1.

Nectar and pollen sources for insect pollinators and insect-rich foraging for birds (min 1 ha per 100 ha of farmed land included in the agreement, no max)

AB1 Nectar flower mix £511/ha
AB8 Flower-rich margins and plots £539/ha


Category 2.

Winter food for seed-eating birds (min 2 ha per 100 ha farmed land included in the agreement, no max)

AB9 Winter bird food £640/ha


Category 3.

Additional resources & habitats (no min or max, apart from individual option requirements)

BE3 Management of hedgerows £8/100m
AB4 Skylark plots £18/ha (£9 per plot, min. 2 plots per ha).
AB5 Nesting plots for lapwing and stone curlew £524/ha
AB6 Enhanced overwinter stubble £436/ha
AB11 Cultivated areas for arable plants £532/ha
AB12 Supplementary winter feeding for farmland birds £632 per tonne for every 2 ha of AB9
SW1 4m to 6m buffer strip on cultivated land £353/ha
WT2 Buffering in-field ponds and ditches on arable land £501/ha