Since 2021 new and young farmers may no longer apply for entitlements from the national reserve, existing and qualifying claimants may still claim a 17.5% top up BPS payment on up to 90 entitlements .

Young farmers must be under the age of 40 and must have taken control of the farm business for the first time on 1st January 2010 or later and remain in control.

New farmers must be in control of a farm business which started agricultural activity in 2013 or later and must not have carried out any farming in the 5 years before their business started its agricultural activity.

In order to claim the payment or entitlements the relevant sections of the application must be completed and submitted by 15th May along with a Certification form which must be signed by a solicitor or accountant who has first been through the evidence that you quality.

We can advise and handle all that is needed for your application including checking whether you qualify, discussing what action you could take in order to qualify, complete the relevant section of the application form, collecting the relevant evidence and having the Certification form signed off appropriately.