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BPS  ENTITLEMENTS The minimum BPS claim size is five hectares for England and Wales and three hectares for Scotland and Northern Ireland. > Unless specifically instructed in writing we are unable to provide advice in respect to the Basic Payment Scheme or any other grants, funding or stewardship schemes, especially how they may affect a particular vendor’s or purchaser’s eligibility for the Basic Payment Scheme. VAT is payable on Entitlements traded (sold or leased) without land, unless the seller/lessor is non-VAT registered. Unless otherwise stated all entitlements are offered for sale/lease without land and VAT will be due on the price agreed. > The 2022 BPS payment rates in England are £233.30 for Non-SDA, £231.60 for SDA and £64 for SDA Moorland. The FDM is no longer deducted. > The 2022 Scottish rates are £228.20 for Region 1, £48.79 for Region 2 and £13.63 for Region 3. > The 2022 Welsh rates are predicted to be £116.86 plus £91.97. Redistributive payment on the first 54 ha. > Northern Ireland have an expected average value of £299.42 subject to historical variation. > The usage rule, other than in England, remains farmers must use all their entitlements in a single application at least once every two years. CARBON CREDITS All woodland and peat carbon credits are VAT and tax free. > All credits must be registered, validated, and verified going forward according to the regulations of the appropriate code. BIODIVERSITY NET GAIN All biodiversity units are calculated via Biodiversity Metric 3.1. > Number of units in specific lots subject to variation due to multipliers including, but not limited to, distance between sites and development site baseline. > Conservation Covenants to run with the land. > Minimum 30-year term. WATER ABSTRACTION LICENCES All licences are subject to requirements of the Water Framework Directive to reduce licensed abstraction in areas where water resources are under stress/abstraction is unsustainable. Transferor/transferee accepts risk of losing part of the licence during trade. BROKERAGE – entitlements/carbon credits/ environmental units/licences. > Are offered subject to documentation/contract/submission. > We also only act on a subject to contract/documentation basis when buying Entitlements/credits/units/licences for our clients and do not enter into oral contracts. > Those listed may include lots offered by other agents where prices quoted include an introductory commission payable to Townsend Chartered Surveyors. > Any such comments or statements made by Townsend Chartered Surveyors verbally during the process of buying or selling or otherwise cannot be relied upon unless such advice is provided in writing following receipt of written instructions for Townsend Chartered Surveyors to provide such advice. Any such oral comments or statements do not form part of our brokerage instructions or any transfer contracts. > Townsend Chartered Surveyors cannot be held responsible for any quotes, prices, rates or advice given in light of any future Government reforms.